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Kathy Williams                                                                            
California Online Voter Registration
Plumas County Clerk-Recorder                                                Voter Registration Form
520 Main Street Room 102
Quincy, CA 95971


Your Polling Place is now your Mail Box! There will be NO regular polling places.

California Elections Code states when a regular precinct falls below 250 voters, that precinct becomes a Mail Ballot Precinct and voters receive their ballots in the mail instead of going to a polling place. All Plumas County precincts are below 250 voters and will be voting by mail. Your Vote By Mail ballot will be mailed to you 29 days prior to Election Day, June 7, 2016. Watch for your ballot it in the mail and don't discard it.

If you have not received your ballot by May 18, 2016, call us to resolve any address issues that may have delayed the delivery of your ballot or if you have any questions at 530-283-6256 or 1-844-676-VOTE.

You have 3 ways to return your Vote By Mail ballot:
VBM Poster for web picture -2.jpg

If you make a mistake on your ballot, bring it in to the Election Department and exchange it for a new one.

Please remember to mail your ballot early to make sure it reaches us in time to be counted. To check the status of your Vote By Mail ballot to see if we have received it after you mail it, call us at 530-283-6256 or 1-844-676-VOTE.

Voters with special visual needs may come into the Election Department to hear the ballot and vote beginning on May 9, 2016. Please allow approximately one hour to hear your ballot and give us a call at 530-283-6256 if you have questions.

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Do you want to vote for President in the June 7, 2016 Primary?

All voters can vote in a Primary Election. Voting for President depends on the party you are registered with. California does not allow voters to claim an "independent" status when registering to vote. No Party Preference voters are not independent voters and cannot vote for any candidate for President in the Primary election.

No Party Preference Voters - click here for Cross Party Ballot Application Form.

The Presidential Primary Election is the most confusing election for voters when it comes to who you can vote for. Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • If I selected No Party Preference when I registered to vote, can I vote for anyone in a Primary Election?
  • No. If you do not select a party preference, you will receive a ballot without party nominated office candidates (such as President) unless you request a ballot for one of the three political parties that are allowing No Party Preference voters to request their ballot. Those are the Democratic party, the Libertarian party and the American Independent party. The Republican party is not allowing crossover voting.
  • Can I re-register to vote for any party?
  • Yes, the deadline to change your party or make an address correction is May 23, 2016.
  • If I selected the American Independent Party when I registered to vote, can I vote for any party candidate as an independent in the Primary Election?
  • No. The American Independent Party is a political party and you will receive a ballot with only American Independent Party candidates listed on it for the office of President.
  • Is there any way I can register to vote and be able to vote for any Presidential candidate in any party I want in the Primary Election?
  • No. You can vote for any party candidate in the General Election in November, but the Primary Election is to narrow down the list of candidates. The top two vote getters will move on from the Primary Election to the General Election.

For additional information, see the California Secretary of State's website: Cross Party Voting 

Call us if you need help at 530-283-6256 or 1-844-676-VOTE.

There are six Political Parties in California. Would you like to know more about each one of them?
Visit Political Party Statements of Purpose to learn information about each party.

Republican    Democratic    American Independent    Libertarian    Green    Peace & Freedom

California online Voter Registration
Military and Overseas Voters Information           Get a Federal Postcard Registration Form here


Plumas County Political Party Voter Registration Numbers registration statistics 



If you have specific questions pertaining to Elections, Vote by Mail ballots or Registering to Vote, please contact:

Marcy DeMartile    Email Marcy         530-283-6129

Lori Bailey              Email Lori             530-283-6256

TOLL FREE 1-844-676-VOTE

Plumas County Elections Division
520 Main Street Room 102, Courthouse
Quincy  CA  95971
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)

Mission Statement

The Plumas County Clerk-Recorder;

  • Promotes public confidence by providing the very highest level of courteous efficient service.
  • Achieves open communication through teamwork and the spirit of goodwill.
  • Provides ethical performance while maintaining and preserving the public’s records in a secure and easily accessible environment.
  • Ensures integrity in the administration of fair and impartial elections.


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